Saint Peter-Paul Catholic Church (Chiprovachka Church)

The largest church of Szentendre was built by Serb refugees fleeing from Chiprovats. The church, which has an area of 300m2, was originally consecrated to Saint Nicolas and it was built on the location of a former, more modest building probably made of wood in 1708. The wooden building was demolished only after the structure of the new church was erected. The new church was consecrated to the apostles Peter and Paul and acquired its current form in 1791, which was preserved after two major refurbishments in 1800 after a fire and in 1863. The church has a traditional layout and the building is decorated with late Baroque red marble ornamental gates on two sides.

After the number of Greek-Orthodox believers drastically dropped in the early 20th century, the church became disused. The Serb Church sold it to the town, then the Catholic Church purchased it.

Although the current interior is modern, it harks back to the orthodox origins of the church with artistic excellence. A painting of the crucified Christ by Ádám Nagy Kisléghi was placed almost floating above the altar and the reliefs of Róbert Csíkszentmihályi above the renovated stacidia represent the stations of the Cross.

Visits allowed only before and after mass.