Address: 2000 Szentendre, Paprikabíró utca 21.
Telephone central: +36 26 300 407
Phone on call: +36 20 290 0190
Parking customer service:
Address: 2000 Szentendre, Paprikabíró utca 21.
Customer reception hours: Monday 8.00-18.00, Tuesday and Thursday closed, Wednesday 11.00-16.00, Friday 8.00-13.00
Matters related to parking before April 1 must be handled at the Customer Service at Fehérház (2000 Szentendre, Duna korzó 25. ).
After April 1, 2022, matters related to parking can only be handled at the police parking customer service.
Phone: +36 26 300-407/parking
Ferenc Jámbor (director):
András Fekete (deputy director):
Duties of the Szentendre Police Directorate:
- In the administrative area of ​​Szentendre, the parking system is operated by the Szentendre Police Directorate.
-Checking the legality of the legal use of public areas, the regularity of activities carried out on public areas subject to a permit or road manager's consent.
-Prevention, preventing, interrupting, terminating, or sanctioning activities prohibited by law regarding the order and cleanliness of public spaces.
- Cooperation in the protection of public space, built and natural environment.
- Cooperation in the implementation of social crime prevention tasks, in the protection of public safety and public order.
- Cooperation in the protection of municipal property.
-Cooperation in monitoring the implementation of legislation on public cleanliness.
- Cooperation in the provision of animal health and animal welfare tasks.
-Checking the legal use and possession of the parking permit of a person with limited mobility.
-Planning, organizing, and executing tasks related to defense administration during the period of preparation, defense, and recovery.
- Preparation and review of security plans for events organized by Szentendre City Municipality and its business associations.
- In order to implement and implement the contents of the event's security plan, to enforce security aspects.
-Organization and coordination of cooperation between the Board of Directors and social and civil organizations.
The tasks of the supervision, or the supervisor acting on behalf of the supervision, can be established within the above framework by law, government decree and the decree of the maintaining municipality. The municipality's decree can only establish a task that is not referred to the competence of another body by law or government decree.
Fee payment period
The toll payment period in the city is from Monday to Sunday, every day of the week, including weekends and holidays, between 9:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. The City Service NZrt. (VSZ) requests that motorists pay attention to the information boards on the parking machines about the payment of fees.
Downtown Szentendre is divided into two toll-paying zones:
– II. fee zone HUF 380 / hour
– III. fee zone HUF 530 / hour
– Buses HUF 2,300/hour
Legislation: 29/2018 (XII.17.)
Bus parking lots (since it is forbidden to drive into the city center by bus, two bus parking lots are designated):
• Paprikabíró parking lot (main road 11 – at the intersection of Paprikabíró Street)
• Theater bus parking lot (at the intersection of Duna korzó – Rév utca)
Mobile parking available
Primary fee payment is possible from the parking machine, but parking with a mobile phone is also available as a convenience service. The information sticker of the mobile companies and the current zone code of the parking space can be found on the side of the parking machines.
When using mobile parking, it is important to know that in any case you must wait for the confirmation SMS about the start of parking. In the event of a technical problem, please call your own mobile service provider (Telenor, Vodafone, T-Mobile) on their free customer service number.
Ask our staff about the passes that can be purchased at customer service, by phone, email or in person.
If the parking spaces are used without paying a fee, the parking inspector places an additional fee payment notice on the vehicle.
The operator is exempt from paying the established surcharge if he proves that
• in the event of non-payment of the waiting fee within five minutes of the additional fee being determined, in the event of an extension of the paid waiting time
• in the case of payment for less than one hour, within 5 minutes of the paid waiting time
• in the case of payment for one hour or more, you had a valid parking ticket within 15 minutes of the paid waiting time.
Applicable legislation
• 1/1975. KPM-BM joint decree
• Act I of 1988
• 23/2007 of the Szentendre City Representative Body. (IV.13.) no. you decree