Adria Teahouse and Café

We serve Balkan dishes, a wide variety of coffee and a unique selection of wines by Bükkös Stream in the heart of Szentendre.

Address: Kossuth Lajos utca 4. | Distance from Main Square: 374 m

Phone number: +36 (20) 448 8993

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Al Cour Contento

Tiny Italian restaurant with home-made food and quality wine.

Address: Alkotmány utca 5. | Distance from Main Square: 134 m

Phone number: +36 (30) 359 8778

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Bistro St.André

Saint André Bistro is a family-owned business made by my really loved husband. We try to do our best, everything we learned in Seville, Bordeaux, Paris, Budapest will be seen on the dishes we make. After all these cities, we fell in love with Szentendre and when the opportunity came, we opened our very first restaurant the 5th April 2018. We try to use fresh ingredients from local sources, working towards a zero environmental footprint. Everything is homemade, that’s why our menu is a small blackboard that changes as the weather does.

Address: Duna korzó 12. | Distance from Main Square: 142 m

Phone number: +36 (26) 952 113

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Dalmát Szamár (Dalmat Donkey) Bistro

A true pearl in the romantic treasure trove of Szentendre just far enough from the deluge of tourists with two nearby lookout points with a magnificent view of the Danube and Szentendre Island. You can access Kmetty Square, where the small bistro is located, through alleys and narrow streets. The terrace with oleanders has a genuine Mediterranean atmosphere.

The small building has a friendly family air to it and the bistro has a wide choice of food and drinks. You can find Hungarian and international dishes as well as seasonal offers and varied weekly menus to fit all tastes. The choice of drinks includes quality wines, liquors, cocktails and coffee specialities.

The dynamic and cheerful young staff makes sure you enjoy your meal or drink. The place if also a haunt for artists, who surprise guests with a new exhibition every month.

Address: Bartók Béla u. 8. | Distance from Main Square: 397 m

Phone number: +36 (26) 369 397

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Dream Lángos

According to local artist ef. Zámbó Öcsi, the first lángos in Szentendre was sold in Török (Turkish) köz through a narrow opening in a doorway and it cost less than a penny at the time. Luckily, the method of frying lángos has not changed since then: the dough of the traditional Hungarian lángos is kneaded by hand and it is deep fried in fresh 190° oil. It is topped with garlic, sour cream or grated cheese.

Address: Váralja lépcső | Distance from Main Square: 13 m

Phone number: +36 (20) 949 0353

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Aranysárkány (Golden Dragon) Restaurant

It was Hungary’s first private restaurant and is still considered groundbreaking in the local food scene. The name refers to Saint George, the patron saint of Serbs and the dragon legend. Nothing has changed in the restaurant since it was opened in 1977 and the food is prepared in an open kitchen. The menu consists mainly of a combination of traditional Hungarian dishes and the specialities of the house.

Address: Alkotmány utca 1/a. | Distance from Main Square: 89 m

Phone number: +36 (26) 301 479

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Bárczy ‘Inn’ Restaurant

Located in a historic monument building built in 1734, the restaurant is an ideal setting to enjoy traditional Hungarian gastronomy. In addition, folklore programmes, gypsy music and genuine Hungarian hospitality await visitors.

Address: Bogdányi u. 30. | Distance from Main Square: 268 m

Phone number: +36 (26) 310 825

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Bibione Caffé Pizza & Bar

Address: Kucsera Ferenc u. 11. | Distance from Main Square: 245m

Phone number: +36 (26) 301 588

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Burger and Friends

What’s the secret of a goof hamburger? 100% fresh ANGUS steak, crunchy bacon from Spain, home-made bread roll without additives and artificial flavours and fresh vegetables. Cheese and sauces made from excellent ingredients. The double burger with a genuine steak flavour is for true hamburger aficionados. We also have vegetarian burgers and desserts. We offer genuine fast food because we know that time is money. Come and try!

Address: Péter Pál utca 4. | Distance from Main Square: 81 m

Phone number: +36 (31) 781 2460

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Bükkös Hotel Restaurant

You are welcome to try our al lá carte selection or join in the buffet dinner (when available).

Address: Bükkös part 16. | Distance from Main Square: 377 m

Phone number: +36 (26) 501 360

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Casa Piadina Italian Flatbread House

Piadina, the speciality of Emília Romagna is made in the house. We also have soups, salads, pizzas and desserts.

Address: Dumtsa Jenő u. 15. | Distance from Main Square: 212 m

Phone number: +36 (30) 405 6698, +36 (30) 251 9176

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Christine Café & Restaurant

Located by the Danube in one of the oldest buildings of Szentendre, Christine Café & Restaurant is open from 8 AM every day. We serve breakfast, lunch and dinner but you can also taste one of coffee specialities. Our terrace, which is covered in winter, has a nice view of the Danube. We serve traditional Hungarian as well as French and international dishes.

Address: Görög utca 6. | Distance from Main Square: 120 m

Phone number: +36 (20) 369 7008

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Corner Serbian restaurant

Corner Serbian Restaurant is a small place opened 14 years ago on the beautifully refurbished Danube bank in Szentendre. In addition to traditional Hungarian dishes, we serve Serb specialities. While sitting on the terrace and enjoying the unique waterfront, you can savour our delicious dishes and the restaurant’s own brewed brandy.

Address: Duna-korzó 4. | Distance from Main Square: 222 m

Phone number: +36 (26) 300 027

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Duna Open Lounge & Bistro

A pleasant bar with food specialities, it’s an ideal venue for birthday parties and meetings as well.

Address: Futó u. 3. | Distance from Main Square: 59 m

Phone number: +36 (26) 593 361

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Restaurant El Mariachi

The restaurant has a pleasant Mediterranean atmosphere with high quality service and a unique choice of Hungarian and international cuisine. You can choose from dishes made in the Mediterranean barbecue on the terrace from early spring till late autumn or try our wide daily offer.

Address: Pannónia u 6/b | Distance from Main Square: 1110 m

Phone number: +36 (26) 303 132

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Elisabeth Restaurant

Located on the Main Square of Szentendre, the café-restaurant offers a wide variety of Hungarian, roasted and international dishes. The two function rooms (the larger one with air conditioning), the pleasant street terrace, the old arched gateway and the Mediterranean-style garden are ideal for small receptions, family reunions and company events (lunches, dinners, trainings).

Address: Fő tér 17.| This restaurant is on the Main Square.

Phone number: +36 (26) 311 175

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Erm’s Burger and Bistro

Address: Kucsera Ferenc utca 12. | Distance from Main Square: 219 m

Phone number: +36 (70) 216 8300

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Fantázia Restaurant and Pizzeria

The speciality of Fantázia restaurant is its unique natural setting, excellent Hungarian food and the large terrace with a view of the river Danube. Our famous lángos place is situated in nearby Bercsényi Street. Great opportunity for a pleasant outing!

Address: Duna korzó 8. | Distance from Main Square: 123 m

Phone number: +36 (26) 318 362

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From Sea

Seafood restaurant

Address: Bogdányi út 15. | Distance from Main Square: 272 m

Phone number: +36 (20) 956 5361

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Görögkancsó Étterem (Greek Jug restaurant)

Founded in 1962, the restaurant offers authentic Greek and Mediterranean cuisine. The terrace, which is covered in the winter overlooks the Danube. The signboard and the interior décor is the work of Szentendre painter, Imre Szánthó.

Address: Dunakorzó 9. | Distance from Main Square: 142 m

Phone number: +36 (26) 303-178

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Hajósinas (Cabin boy) Bulgarian restaurant

A unique Bulgarian restaurant in Hungary right above the cellars of the former tithe collection house in the centre of Szentendre. The restaurant is one of the most exciting culinary spots in the region and is an ideal choice for a family lunch, a romantic dinner, business meetings and reunions of friends.

Address: Dézsma u. 2/b | Distance from Main Square: 815 m

Phone number: +36 (20) 910 0899

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Located in a picturesque setting on the Danube bank right at the border of Szentendre and the neighbouring village of Leányfalu, the restaurant has a terrace overlooking the Danube and rooms where you can enjoy a choice of world famous Hungarian dishes.

Address: Ady Endre út 43. | Distance from Main Square: 3,3 km

Phone number: +36 (26) 310 311

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Holy Cow

Hamburgers, hot-dogs, sandwiches and artisanal bakery products made from organic ingredients.

Address: Péter Pál u. 3. | Distance from Main Square: 123 m

Phone number: +36 (70) 256 1718

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Hotel Róz Restaurant

Whether you are a guest at our hotel or just want to try our culinary delight we encourage you to taste our delicious dishes. Children are made to feel welcome with a play corner and sand box in the summer. Our pleasant summer terrace offers romantic dining options next to the hotel garden ponds and we provide a wide range of Hungarian and international cuisine to our guests.

Address: Pannónia u. 6. | Distance from Main Square: 1,1 km

Phone number: +36 (26) 311-737

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Szentendre, Dunakanyar (Danube Bend) region, Hungary; This photo can be found here on the Panadea website.

Jászárokszállási Fogadó

The restaurant is in the precincts of the Open Air Ethnographic Museum (Skanzen) and it is a genuine replica of the former inn in the town of Jászárokszállás. The daily changing menu gives a taste of traditional Hungarian gastronomy.

Address: Skanzen | Distance from Main Square: 3,9 km

Phone number: +36 (26) 315 723

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Kacsakő Bistro

Czech draft beers, spritzer, lemonade, cordials, smoker food, deck-chairs, live concerts and camp fires.

Address: Dunakorzó 21. | Distance from Main Square: 560 m

Phone number: +36 (20) 260 1724

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Kemping Csárda

Address: Pap-sziget | Distance from Main Square: 1,9 km

Phone number: +36 (20) 973 6893

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Address: Fő tér 2-5. |  This restaurant is on the Main Square.

Phone number: +36 (30) 990 2936

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Kiskeszeg Restaurant

Address: Papszigeti út 2. | Distance from Main Square: 1,8 km

Phone number: +36 (70) 306 0986

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Korona Restaurant

Despite successive refurbishments the restaurant has preserved its rustic and nostalgic atmosphere for more than 200 years. The terrace overlooking the Main Square, the garden and the interior rooms are open every day all the year round.

Address: Fő tér 18-19. | This restaurant is on the Main Square.

Phone number: +36 (26) 313 651

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Labirintus Étterem (Labyrinth Restaurant)

In a promenade with antique atmosphere in Szentendre the National Wine Museum and Labyrinth Restaurant is awaiting its guests, with a capacity of seating 150 people.

Address: Bogdányi u.10. | Distance from Main Square: 104 m

Phone number: +36 (26) 317-054

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Levendula Kisvendéglő

Address: Levendula u. 2. | Distance from Main Square: 1,7 km

Phone number: +36 (26) 312 408

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Maestro Café and Bistro

Thanks to the unique mobile dam in Szentendre, guests can enjoy a beautiful view of the Danube from the terrace of the restaurant all year round. The restaurant has a capacity for 60 people and the well-trained staff makes sure that guests receive a perfect service.

Address: Dunakorzó 5/a | Distance from Main Square: 217 m

Phone number: +36 (26) 952 257

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Maharaja restaurant

True to its name, the restaurant offers exotic and exciting dishes, the masterpieces of Indian cuisine at a reasonable price in a homely atmosphere.

Address: Dunakorzó 7. | Distance from Main Square: 167 m

Phone number: +36 (26) 952 666

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Mickey’s Chicken & Burger

Artisanal hamburgers, sandwiches, fresh mayonnaise salads, specially seasoned chicken, children’s and family menus. Sandwiches from less than €1 and menus from €1.5. Garden area open from spring to autumn. Artisanal hamburgers and sandwiches made from 100% meat at the best price. Family and student menus, ice-creams and more at a reasonable price.

Address: Városház tér 1. | Distance from Main Square: 111 m

Phone number: +36 (30) 820 2724

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Mjam restaurant

Mjam, mjam, yummy. Can I have more? These are the words that inspired the name of our restaurant, which is located in the picturesque Town Hall Square in the heart of Szentendre. The interior is fully our design and we serve a combination of European, Caribbean and Asian fusion cuisine. Our family business awaits guests with a daily changing menu.

Address:Városház tér 2. | Distance from Main Square: 124 m

Phone number: +36 (70) 440 3700

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Művész (Artist) restaurant

The archaic exterior, middle-class interior and the Mediterranean inner courtyard is one of the locals’ favourite haunts. The cuisine is Hungarian with traditional, contemporary specialities and the chef’s recommendations completed with seasonal offers of fruits, vegetables and meat.

Address: Dumtsa Jenő u. 7. | Distance from Main Square: 149 m

Phone number: +36 (26) 311 484

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Obsitos Étterem

Address: Telep u. 14. | Distance from Main Square: 1,3 km

Phone number: +36 (30) 360 8208


Otranto Pizza Bar

The old building of the restaurant is a perfect setting to enjoy Italian specialities.

Address: Dunakorzó 3. | Distance from Main Square: 375 m

Phone number: +36 (70) 647 2242

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Öreg Malom Étterem (Old Mill Restaurant)

Address: Malom u. 6. | Distance from Main Square: 284 m

Phone number: +36 (30) 580 1385

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Palapa Mexikói Étterem

Authentic Mexican atmosphere in the centre of Szentendre.

Address: Dumtsa Jenő u. 14/a | Distance from Main Square: 175 m

Phone number: +36 (26) 302 418

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Restaurant Parola

The restaurant opened in 1985 in the Izbég district of Szentendre and is still run by the original owner and his family. It is a traditional restaurant with home-made dishes and a friendly service.

Address: Vasvári Pál u. 6.| Distance from Main Square: 1,2 km

Phone number: +36 (26) 312 621

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Pizza Mix

The oldest pizzeria in town, Szentendre’s favourite is awaiting its guests since 1997! You will find both thick and thin crust pizzas and many more delicious meals on our menu, whether you crave soup, made-to-order dishes, or desserts. Visit our cosy restaurant or place an order for delivery.

Address: Paprikabíró u. 21-23. | Distance from Main Square: 505 m

Phone number: +36 (26) 317 900, +36 (30) 601 3677

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Promenade restaurant

Our restaurant is in the centre of this wonderful historical town. Since 1753 the building has stood in the heart of Szentendre not far from the Main Square. The cellar of our restaurant dates back to 1600. Visitors are enthralled by the proximity of the river Danube, its promenade, and the magical atmosphere of the place. Hungarian and international specialities are prepared for our guests.

Address: Futó u. 4. (Dunakorzó) | Distance from Main Square: 149 m

Phone number: +36 (26) 312 626

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Rab Ráby Restaurant

The restaurant was founded by Németh János and his family while the Iron Curtain still existed in 1982. It was named after ’Rab Ráby’, a novel by Jókai Mór, the protagonist of which fought against corruption during the reign of Joseph II and lived in Szentendre. The Hungarian flavours are presented by our chefs according to the recipes of Aunt Teri, which are kept in the owner’s safe. Of course, we also have very old recipes of several Croatian, Serbian and other specialities.

Address: Kucsera Ferenc u. 1/a | Distance from Main Square: 133 m

Phone number: +36 (26) 310 819, +36 (26) 313 294

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St.E Restaurant and Pub

The restaurant near the Town Hall in the centre of Szentendre serves high-quality food in a great atmosphere. Sports broadcasts, home-made food and budget-friendly prices.

Address: Rákóczi Ferenc u. 2. | Distance from Main Square: 137 m

Phone number: +36 (30) 210 0852

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Teddy Beer Szentendre

Guests will find a wide array of tastes, colours, natural flavours and finely served beer snacks in this pub in Szentendre. One of our aims is to present Hungarian craft beers.

Address: Péter Pál u. 2. | Distance from Main Square: 122 m

Phone number: +36 (26) 301 228

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Trattoria Cardinale Restaurant and Pizzeria

We await our guests in our refurbished restaurant every day between 11am and 11pm. Our pizzas are prepared with thin crust based on the Italian traditions in 36 cm size.

Address: Dunakorzó 4. | Distance from Main Square: 278 m

Phone number: +36 (26) 309 444

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Wok Sei Asian restaurant

Address: Pannónia út 8. | Distance from Main Square: 1,1 km

Phone number: +36 (26) 952 776,+36 (70) 627 5013

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