Blagovestenska (Annunciation) Church

The present church, called the Annunciation after its consecration day, was designed by András Mayerhoffer and built in 1752 at the site of an earlier wooden church. It is popularly called the Greek church. Some say that the name is due to the red-marble grave plaque with a Greek inscription at the southern entrance. Its patron saint is Our Lady of the Annunciation.

The church is located prominently in the town centre. Its main façade is characteristic of single-tower Baroque churches. The main entrance is a richly decorated stone gate with oak door wings.

The stone-framed oak side-entrance is decorated with rocailles and shells. Above it, there is a slightly worn fresco of Saint Constantine and Saint Helena in an arched, fluted frame.

The interior has a rich artistic effect with valuable handicraft artworks from the 18th century. The Rococo iconostasis was made in 1802-1803 with the active collaboration of famous icon painter Michael Zivkovic.

The church is open every day between April and September. Visits are subject to an entrance fee.