Poziarevachka Church

The church located near Bükkös Stream was consecrated to Archangel St. Michael and was originally built from wood in 1690 by people fleeing from the Serbian town of Poziarevats. The construction of the current church began in 1759 and it was consecrated in 1763. The bell-tower was fitted in later in 1794.

Like most churches in Szentendre, the sanctuary faces east in accordance with the rules of the Orthodox Church. The main entrance opens up from the entrance hall of the tower. Its single-nave interior consists of three Czech-vaulted sections and the adjacent sanctuary with a semi-spheric dome. With the exception of the wonderful Byzantine iconostasis made by Banat masters Nedeljko Popovich and Georgije Ranite in 1742, which divides the sanctuary from the nave, the interior is simple and consists mainly of pieces from the 18-19th century.

The church is not open to visitors. Visits are organised in the Thematic walks programme.