Calvinist Church (Opovatchka Church)

Like other churches built by Serbs in the town, near the present building there stood a wooden church built by refugees fleeing from Opovo. According to written records, the present stone church was completed in 1746, at the time without a tower.

The tower was added in 1777 to create a single-tower building, which was the simplest church in town at the time. The former iconostasis, which was made in 1748 based on the works of a Kievan master, has been moved to the Serb Orthodox Church of Hercegszántó.

The building became disused in the late 19th century and in 1913 it was purchased and refurbished by the Calvinist Church. When it was taken over by the Protestants, the original furnishings were removed and the interior was transformed to accommodate protestant services.

The stone-framed, arched and decorated entrance under the 18-metre high tower has original wings from the 18th century. The interior of the church is 22.5 metres long and 7.5 metres wide with 240 seats. The interior is divided by plain wooden pillars and the adjacent pentagonal sanctuary has an irregular layout. The pews, the pulpit and the Communion table were made after 1913.

The church is open only during services.