Ferenczy Museum

Established as the local history collection of the town in 1951 and named after artist Károly Ferenczy, the museum was relocated to a historic monument building, the 18th-century Pajor Mansion in Kossuth Lajos Street in 2013. In 2016 the museum changed its name to Ferenczy Museum Centre, and today it owns a uniquely rich collection of Szentendre’s painting, graphic art, sculpture, and numismatic art.
On the second floor of the building’s old wing one may get a taste of the works of The Eight, founders of the old artists’ settlement in 1926. The exhibition is currently being rearranged. There are two temporary exhibition halls on the first floor. The works of contemporary Szentendre artists are exhibited in Szentendre Hall, whereas in Barcsay Hall projects of national and international artists can be viewed.


Source: http://www.muzeumicentrum.hu/en/