Tanners’ Cross

Szamárhegy (or Donkey Hill) is one of the most interesting pictorial areas of Szentendre. Dalmatians who settled here built small houses nestled in the hillside that remind of the landscape of small Adriatic villages. According to historical documents, Dalmatians called the hill Godhill or Angel Hill because they were ashamed of the name ‘Donkey Hill’. The memorial cross on the top is situated in one of the most beautiful sports of the town. There is a magnificent view of the Danube, Szentendre Island on the other side of the river, the houses of the centre and Preobrazienska Church right at the foot of the hill. The wrought-iron cross placed on a simple stone pillar was erected by tanners from Bosnia in the 18th century. The wavy decoration on the top of the cross seems to symbolise the Danube.