Lajos Vajda Studio

From 1972, Lajos Vajda Studio was the most important and most progressive alternative artistic grouping in Hungary. In the 1970s and 1980s the studio introduced new dimensions to the concept of contemporary art of Szentendre and Hungary. The studio is an association transcending genres and embracing all art forms. The most prominent genre is fine arts but music, literature, film and other experimental genres also play an important role. The studio is not a conventional gallery but rather a collective atelier, a project-centred intellectual workshop and an alternative exhibition space. The greatest asset of the group is the successive generations built on each other exerting their educative influence simultaneously. Members of Vajda Studio regularly have exhibitions across the world, mainly in Europe but also in Japan, Mexico and Canada. Over the last 40 years, several foreign artists and groups of artists have had exhibitions in the gallery of the Studio. In recent years, the studio has organised the New Media Artist Colony four times in the summer. The event gives an opportunity to both Hungarian and foreign artist to do some inspired work together.