Christmas Museum Shop

A large variety of Christmas decorations, complete with decorated trees, dolls, and garlands. Very pretty. Prices on items for sale range from reasonable to quite dear. Admission is free.

Mank Gallery

The art colony was established in 1926 to follow earlier painting traditions. Today it houses temporary art exhibitions.

Micro Art Exhibition

Don’t miss this one! Unbelievable unless you see it for yourself. Look through the microscopes at these minute works of art.

National Wine Museum

The National Wine Museum in the Labirintus restaurant traces the development of wine-making in Hungary and offers wine tastings of between five and nine vintages.

Retro Design Centre

Impressive place! First there is a nice collection of several items of our past daily life, exhibited with care and attention – to remember the 60’s – 70’s for those who were born at that time or to show to your kids (and make them laugh)…. Somehow impressive how much the world changed. Concerning the cars – was funny to see the representants of the Eastern block. Great collection, nice exhibition. We just sadly saw the “sleeping beauty” Fiat 600 hiding in a corner, waiting for the kiss of a prince: maybe an enthousiastoc car restorer could make her alive again…???

Szabó-Szamos Marzipan Museum

Beautiful Marzipan works of art. Teddybears, pop stars, kings and queens, Story characters even musical instruments. Also some free marzipan tasting.

This is admittedly a very small museum, but it’s also very cheap and rather charming. It’s amazing what someone can make completely out of marzipan. It’s not something to travel specifically for, or course, but it’s right there on the main shopping drag, it’ll only take you a few minutes to see, so why not go for it if you happen to be in Szentendre?