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2021-07-12. 20:00 - 21:45


Jul 12, Monday-8PM
Location in case of rain: The theater hall of the HBPMK (Pátriárka street 7.)


Kányádi-night with Zsolt Bogdán and the Kaláka band

Members of the Kaláka band: Gábor Becze, Dániel Gryllus, Vilmos Gryllus, Balázs Radványi and Zsolt Bogdán actor (from Kolozsvár) scene-directed, musical Kányádi-night

Director: Katalin Kőváry

According to the Kaláka band, there hasn’t been a concert without a Kányádi song since the 80’s. Sándor Kányádi is a Kossuth Award-winning Hungarian poet from Transylvania, founding member of the Digital Literary Academy, and a life member of the Hungarian Academy of Arts. The Kaláka band regularly sets Sándor Kányádi’s poems to music. Sándor Kányádi became a great friend to them. “Elveszett követ, Faragott versike, Valaki jár a fák hegyén, Dél keresztje alatt, Két nyárfa, Kuplé a vörös villamosról, Alma, alma…” These are some poems from Sándor Kányádi that the Kaláka band has set to music. The list of the favorite poem-songs could go on and on.

„Some strange force, throbbing, melody, rhythm, some flywheel always swings, makes me say the verses I know. And if there is food that feeds itself, so does a good poem recite itself. It throbs on your temple, you hear it like the rhythm of a distant horse’s horseshoe, when it’s given, when it descends, when it switches legs in carrying, when it thinks about something, when it scares its own thought. The poems of Sándor Kányádi are like this. You can’t get enough of them; they’re playful, fragrant, painful, sparkling, deep, and true. Listening to him, you can’t really decide whether to smile or to let yourself break down in tears.” – Zsolt Bogdán (Kronika Online)

The duration of the show:  105 minutes, two part

Tickets: 2900 FT

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