Szentendre is a town bordered by hills, north from Budapest on the right side of the Danube. It is easy to get here by car or motorcycle following main road no. 11 or by using public transport – suburban railway or bus – or by bicycle or ship on the Danube at Szentendre.


1. Budapest Transport Company, BKV Plc.

Information, lost property: +36 26 311 988/53314

The suburban train runs every 5-30 minutes from Batthyány tér, Budapest. The trip lasts about 40 minutes. For those who have a tram or bus season ticket, only a supplemental ticket is needed from Békásmegyer. The final stop in Szentendre is near the inner town.

Suburban railway schedule:

Batthyány tér – Szentendre

Szentendre – Batthyány tér


131 Üllői út, Budapest H-1091

869 Budapest, Heltai Jenő tér–Szentendre, Püspökmajori ltp.–Budapest, Heltai Jenő tér
870 Szentendre–Pilisszentlászló
871 Leányfalu–Szentendre–Pilisszentlászló
872 Budapest–Szentendre, Püspökmajori ltp.
873 Szentendre, aut. áll.–Szentendre, Ösvény u.
874, 876-879 Szentendre, aut. áll.–Izbég–Skanzen–Szentendre, aut. áll.
875 Szentendre, Sportpálya–Szentendre, Püspökmajori ltp.–Szentendre, Ösvény u.
880-889 Budapest–Szentendre–Visegrád–Esztergom
890 Budapest–Szentendre–Tahitótfalu–Váci rév
893-895 Budapest–Szentendre–Tahitótfalu–Surány–Szigetmonostor
898 Szentendre–Tahitótfalu–Kisoroszi

3. MAHART PassNave Ltd.

Budapest-Szentendre Belváros

Scheduled excursion-boat

Operates from 2 April to 3 October 2011

The HUNYADI riverboat is in service on weekends as scheduled and from July to the end of August every day. Hunyadi has two decks for a maximum of 600 passengers. The open deck has comfortable passenger compartments and terraces, the main deck has closed passenger compartments where a buffet awaits passengers.
In the low season and in case of low water level a medium-sized riverboat is in service instead of Hunyadi. This boat has two decks for a maximum of 250 passengers. The closed lower deck is fitted with rows of seats and can be heated. The open upper deck has rows of benches. A buffet is available on the boat.

4. Silverline Budapest – Szentendre cruise, timetable, fares

Cruise with us! …and enjoy the magnificent experience in the ’casket’ of the Danube bend, the culture, heritage and unique  architecture of Szentendre, as well as the spectacular views along the Danube, and take a pleasant walk in the uncomparable baroque atmosphere of Szentendre while making a full, or half day program for yourself!

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