Downtown walks in Szentendre

Walks in space and time

In this publication we strived to group the sights along walking routes which can be toured within a few hours and can easily be interconnected. For those wishing to spend a shorter time in Szentendre we recommend Tour No. 2, and those who have more time can start walking around the city along different themes choosing from  the  list  of  sights.  One  of Szentendre’s speciality is that it is full of museums and churches but we can also travel back in time if we wish to visit the key sights along a given age or architectural style.

Another opportunity is to opt for a tour along the different types of monuments – like for example “walk of crosses” or alleyways ‐, or following the local traces of certain artistic styles. We hope that you will like our recommendations and many of you will visit the suggested places and sights.

TOP 5 sights which you should no way miss:

  • Fő tér (Main Square) – Tour No. 2.
  • Templomdomb (Church Hill) – Tour No. 2.
  • Cross of “Tobakosok” (Tanners) – Tour No. 3.
  • Ferenczy Museum – Tour No. 1.
  • Danube Promenade

Look‐out points:

You can admire the unique sight of Szentendre in full from the surrounding mountains and from the direction of the Danube however you will also have the opportunity to have a glimpse of certain particularly beautiful parts of the city from the inner look‐out points. From the Cross of Tobakosok (Tanners) on top of Szamárhegy (Donkey Hill) (Tour No. 3.) you will see the enclitic downtown houses and the Danube behind the Baroque tower of the Preobrazsenszka Church and from the Templomdomb (Church Hill Square) above the Fő tér (Main Square) (Tour No. 2.) we get an almost total panorama of the inner city. Furthermore it is worth looking down on the city from the Kálváriadomb (Calvary Hill) and the former hill of the ancient Roman Camp, from Paprikabíró utca (Paprikabíró Street) since you will be able to see the most characteristic buildings of the city beautifully from there.

Recommended sights for families with children:

  • BKV City Museum of Public Transport Duna korzó (Danube Promenade: play- ground, Danube bank, ice cream parlours)
  • Alleyway explorations
  • Szamos Marzipan Museum

Practical information:

  • Tourinform: 2000 Szentendre, No. 22 Dumtsa Jenő Street, +36 26/317-965, 317-966,
  • Szentendre can be reached in several ways: you can get to the town by boat on the river Danube, by road – car or bus, or by HÉV (suburban train) or by bicycle. Within the historical old town you can get around on foot or by bike and during the summer you have an option to get on the electric train. The Skanzen (Hungarian Open Air Museum) can be reached from the town by bike or car or the local buses on schedule are also at your service.
  • Should you wish to see more sights or if you wish to find out more about tours or places of interest then look for further thematic publications or the tour-guide “One day in Szentendre” in the Tourinform office.