2015 augusztus 18., 11:37

“Do you know where is Szentendre? This little town is situated on the right side of the Danube between Buda, Visegrád and Esztergom… Wonderful region! Before the small town the Little – Danube flows; in front of our eyes there is an island scattered with fertile villages over that the Big – Danube flows, there are the ruins of a Roman stone bridge. Behind and on the left of the town there are vineyards and beautiful hills… And that nice valley Szentendre between Pomáz and Buda is like a huge amphitheatre… Amazing landscape, wealth, pleasant wine, excellent water. What else do you need?” (Jakov Ignjatović)


Visitors are invited to Szentendre, this small town at the bank of the Danube with exceptional atmosphere where past and present embrace harmonically in the picturesque frame of the river, the mountains and the hills that are of hardened lava.

Life revitalized here multiple times during the centuries but the old walls remained, some of them are still standing on 2000-year-old foundations. Many artists painted the unique magic of the cheerful, sparkling colours, the evocative cobblestone streets, the fine-lined baroque steeples and the tiny downtown houses leaning against one another. But there is no need to be a painter in order to see the marks of Romans on the bank of the river or to imagine the warriors’ march to the Castle of Visegrád. We hope that the descriptions on the page assist visitors of their visit of Szentendre while wandering in the town’s streets and sights just as someone familiar with the location.